Apply Online For Individual/Marketplace Health/Dental/Vision Insurance

There are two ways to purchase individual health coverage; direct with a carrier which will offer you more options or through the marketplace at if you think you are eligible for a government subsidy.

If you want to purchase coverage direct with a carrier, simply click on the carrier link below and you will be directed to our Brooks Financial specific carrier webite where you can run a quote and apply for coverage. If you access a carrier webiste outside of this link Brooks Financial will not be assigned as your agent an no longer able to assist you. 

If you want to purchase covergage throught the marketplace go to and complete the online application to determine if you are eligible for a government subsidy.You will need to enter Jason Brooks as the agent with FFM/NPN #538707 when promted in order for Brooks Financial to service your policy (i.e. help with enrollment, claims, and/or billing issues). Once you recive your subsidy determination we can help you choose a plan accordingly.

Please contact our benefits department at (248) 785-5200 if you need assistance.





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